Donut Sunday

Whafullsizerender-1t do Sunday mornings mean to you? I  know for Kate (love ya) they mean hitting up the best farmers’ markets around town. And sadly lately for me they mean hitting up the closest donut shop – shout out to Glam Dolls. Well this past Sunday I knew I would end up grabbing a donut and coffee because it just goes so well with brisk Fall mornings. While Glam Dolls is easily walk-able and has some undeniable great donuts (looking at you Pin Up Girl), I was itching to get out and try someplace new. That someplace was a Minneapolis Instagram favorite. I’d seen so many posts of people at Mojo Monkey donuts but the trek over to St. Paul seemed impossible most days. This Sunday however I made that 9 mile drive over and I was pleasantly surprised. You have to look closely because the store front is tiny and with no real signage I must admit I blew right by it the first time. But nestled in an old, brick storefront on 7th street hides a quaint little donut heaven. I walked in and was a bit surprised to be the only patron in there. Two ladies were behind the incredibly small counter and at first I was shocked by the seemingly limited selectiofullsizerendern. The 3 foot case however boasted flavors like crème brule, caramel oreo and pb & j.Hiding to the right of the counter were racks upon racks of more donuts ready for back up when the case inevitably sold out. I opted for a cinnamon sugar (was feeling pretty classic that day) and it was incredible. The light and fluffy dough with the dusting of cinnamon sugar was the perfect version of this old favorite. Paired with a $1 coffee, couldn’t go wrong. I would say that donut was the best part of this jaunt but really it was the little older man that came in for his usual and the lady behind the counter handing him 2 donuts and a coffee and saying “love you Dad” as he went about his way. Mojo Monkey Donuts definitely lived up to the hype I had put on it. One word describes it for me: charming.

Total Ranking:

4 out of 5






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